Getting Started

It’s time to jump in with both feet. We will guide you through the design process, helping you to navigate the challenges along the way. We promise it will be a fun and rewarding experience that will result in many happy students and community members alike.

We’ve designed this website to help guide parents through the process of creating new outdoor play and learning environments at their school.

LEARN – We recommend starting with the learn section, where you can browse inspirational projects, learn about current trends in outdoor educationinjury prevention, landscape architecture, sustainability, and more.
PLAY ELEMENTS – To learn more about individual play elements that can be incorporated into your project, visit the elements section. You can search for elements based on your child’s age, activity (such as “run” or “climb”) and by type of element (such as “slide” or “raised bed planter”).
PLAN – From here, you can move onto the plan section, which will introduce everything you need to know to get the planning process started using step-by-step guides. This section shows parents the steps they can take on their own and when to get a design professional involved.
BUILD – After this, the build section will go over what you can expect during the construction process. Finally, there is a guide for how to maintain your project after construction.

Think of this as an opportunity for play – taking different elements and arranging them to create the best possible outdoor play and learning environments!

Intro Illustration - VSB Playing_colours