Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Officially open your new outdoor play and learning environment with a ribbon cutting, and a small ceremony. You’ve worked hard on putting this project together, now it’s time to watch the students and school community members enjoy the benefits of the new space.

Time to Celebrate!

The ribbon cutting ceremony is a great opportunity to thank all the hard working volunteers and donors who helped to make your project a reality. You will want to designate a person to speak on behalf of your planning committee.

Things to Organize:

  • A ribbon and large scissors (if you want to do an official cutting)
  • A podium or designated area for those giving speeches
  • Food and drinks
  • A person designated to document the occasion with some professional photos

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, make sure to update your playground website if you have one. Include photos of the event and a short write-up so any donors or volunteers who were a part of the project and unable to attend can see the results. In addition, your finished project can help to inspire other committees as they begin work on their own projects.