Feeling a little daunted and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. This section contains a step-by-step list of instructions and guidelines to help you all the way through the process of revitalizing your schoolyard. It’s broken down into two phases.

Phase 1 consists of things you and your team can do yourselves. The more you can do yourself, the lower the overall cost of the project will be.

Phase 2 brings a landscape architect on board. Larger projects will generally require a professional to help the project be as successful as it can be. A landscape architect will design the project according to your needs and what you’ve done in Phase 1 and facilitate the construction process. See What is a Landscape Architect? for more information about what a landscape architect does and how they can help you.

A revitalized schoolyard will create a more physically active student body, engage students in new types of learning, and build stronger community connections. It’s a big job, but you and the students and community members who use it will benefit for years to come.