What is a Landscape Architect?

What do you think of when you hear the title landscape architect? While for many people, the term landscape may evoke notions of landscaping, the role of a landscape architect is much broader than that. With extensive professional training, a landscape architect has a big role to play in our every day spatial experiences. Working with other design professionals, landscape architects design spaces from the very small (a residential garden) to the very big (regional trail networks).

Licensed Professionals with an Eye for Design

Landscape architects are involved in the design and planning of physical sites like parks, recreation areas, and school grounds. They bring a wide variety of expertise to the table, with a strong sense of aesthetics and an understanding of resource management. A landscape architect has undergone training that involves understanding how to integrate human needs with those of the natural environment.

In addition to their professional education, landscape architects have successfully passed a series of examinations. In British Columbia, the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects regulates licensure.

Hiring a landscape architect can help take your design project from good to great. They can provide a variety of services to help the project go smoothly: planning and design, budget consultation, analysis and studies, preparation of drawings, contract administration, and construction reviews.

Landscape architects typically work with other design professionals to form a team of consultants. The team may include architects (especially in cases where a school is being seismically upgraded), engineers, and other specialists as needed.