Long-Term Maintenance

Many school districts have very limited resources for maintenance. Planning for long term maintenance can keep outdoor play and learning environments looking their best for many years to come.

Keep Maintenance to a Minimum

You might have a maintenance plan in place for the first 6 months, including who will take care of the additional watering new planting requires, but what about a year from now? 5 years? 10 years? When selecting equipment and other elements for the school yard it is critical to consider what will happen over the lifetime of these elements – and how long this lifetime is in the first place.

Your team, along with the design professional you’re working with, should work to select low maintenance items with the longest lifespan possible, while still adhering to the project budget. In addition to this original selection, your team should work on putting together a long term maintenance plan. You need to consider local budgetary restrictions, and the size of the maintenance team that works for the local school board or authority.

In general, the PAC will need to make a plan to take care of amenities such as additional planting or community gardens. It is critical to consider how this maintenance will be passed down through different PAC groups from year to year. You are leaving a legacy behind, one that will continue benefitting other students for years to come after your own children graduate.