Talk to Your Principal & School Board Approval Process

Your school board approval process, and applicable deadlines, will structure your project. Understanding how this all works is critical as you begin the planning phase of any new project.

Deadlines and Approvals

Before you begin forming a project team, make sure you sit down with the principal of the school and have a discussion about the project you will be undertaking. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with your local school board or school authority approval process at this stage. Make sure that your end goals are achievable.

The applicable deadlines and approvals process can be used to start structuring a project timeline. How long will you spend on the planning process? What date do you need to have the Design Scope Document complete? When do you need to submit construction drawings? Having these deadlines in mind from the beginning is critical to the success of your project. Be aware that school projects may take up to two years from the initial brainstorming to having a final built environment.